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Video Games today have become one of the biggest competitors in the entertainment industry grossing billions of dollars every year worldwide. This form of entertainment has surpassed even Hollywood in terms of worth. Video games are increasingly becoming our dominant cultural medium creating everything from record-smashing hits on iPhones to all powerful design moguls. There seems to be no stopping this industry and with futuristic and jaw dropping titles coming out every year, Video games are expected to continue to dominate the entertainment industry.

With the amount of potential in this industry, we have seen an increasing number of online businesses dedicated to the gaming industry. There are uncountable numbers of online stores out there that sell video games. So this article will talk about one such online video game retailer who has made its mark in the online video game business.


What is is an online marketplace that sells video games keys and Xbox Live and Playstation Network Credit. And the best part is that this site provides some amazing discounts that may even sound too good to be true. But fear not, is one hundred percent legit and highly trusted.  What makes different from other such websites is the fact that use their years of experience in the business to strive constantly to improve their service for the customers.

This site is also very passionate about gaming and takes it very seriously. Thus you can always depend on them to get all the games that you are looking for. G2A was created by a team of professional gamers that want to make up for a lot of things that was lacking in the video gaming industry. This website provides the complete package. Apart from providing excellent service, they also look after public relations and good customer service. They have thus managed to become one of the most recognized and trustworthy sites selling video games.

There are vast arrays of items that are available on the website which might seem to be a bit intimidating for some but they have their site categorized, and you can just choose what you’re looking for by looking through the categories. There is a broad range of digital products available on the site.

How does work? is a website that brings together buyers and sellers of game keys for PC and activation codes for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live credit. There are codes available for several other software.

G2A itself is not the one selling these codes. It is a marketplace where people can sell their game codes. What as a customer you need to do is to order the game key that you are looking for, and the key will them be emailed to you after the payment is made. You can then proceed to the relevant platform for which you have purchased the key, for example, Steam or Ubisoft Uplay and then use that key to activate a game. You should paste the key or write it down and after doing so, you will be able to download the game from the concerned platform, not from

One may question that how the codes are so cheap on Well, the answer to that is the fact that the prices of games vary from one country to another depending on the average salaries of the country. For example, a game may cost 50 USD in the US while it may only cost 25 USD in China. takes advantage of this fact. Sellers of game keys buy the codes in bulk from the cheapest region and then sell these in the countries where it is the most expensive. All this is entirely legal and is not in any way violating any Terms and conditions. This allows the sellers to get nice profits while the buyers get access to games at a much lower price.

G2A has recently added some extra steps to prevent people from committing fraud. Sellers need to verify their social media accounts and phone numbers and are allowed to do only 10 transactions before they are required to provide extra verification. Thus is quite safe for customers.

How G2A Cashback Work?

With G2A cashback codes you receive funds back after your purchase. These funds are instant and come in the form of G2A Coins which you can then use to buy other titles from the G2A website. G2A used to offer discount codes to their customers which would take off a small percentage of the total cost. With this new feature, G2A offer the chance of earning and saving coins in order to buy future titles they may otherwise have not been in a position to buy.

It really is a great way of saving money back to use on games and so much better than the previous discount codes.
G2A Cashback is applied instantly to your account leaving you with no worries or hassle. Automatic crediting ensures you are forever in receipt of G2A Coins that you’re entitled to.

Here at Gamer Bargain, we always have you covered when it comes to gaming discounts and coupons and it’s no different with G2A cashback codes. Simply apply one of our codes at checkout to receive your cashback
Don’t forget to tell your friends about this and any other coupon you use from our site. We strive to help as many people as possible get the best in gaming deals and word-of-mouth is a great way to achieve this.

How to buy games from

Click on any game that you wish to buy from the site and you will see a price on the right side. Check to see if the price says “G2A Selected Offer.” If it does say that, then the offer is from a marketplace seller. You should then proceed to click on the seller to check out his rating and how many keys the seller has sold. It is quite easy to differentiate between a scammer and a genuine seller by looking at the ratings and reviews. By purchasing directly from G2A, you would not need to use G2A Shield.

You also need to make sure that the key you are purchasing is of the correct region. There is usually an option to buy “Global” keys that work for all regions. But in case there is no such option, you need to make sure that you are purchasing a key that will work in your region.

The buying process is quite fast and convenient After the payment is made, a confirmation screen shows up which has a timer which shows the average processing time for approval. After the confirmation is done, a link appears clicking on which will let you get the game key.

What is G2A Goldmine?

G2A Goldmine is a unique affiliate program ran by G2A. Rather than the conventional affiliate programs where referrers get paid once per referral G2A adds each person using your link to your ‘team;. This means that any time they make a future purchase through G2A you get paid. This makes for a great way to earn money through the biggest online retailer of its kind as gamers always buy games, right? The awesomeness doesn’t stop there because if a member of your team refers someone else then you receive further commissions. Imagine the potential here. If you had just ten people in your team and they were actively referring other people you would be making a decent amount of money by…well, by doing nothing at all. This is a real opportunity to make a living online (and even better, a self-sufficient, fully automated living) and not I’m not talking about £50 or even £100 per week. Looking at the all-time top earners I see the top affiliate earned himself a whopping €938,000,000. That’s not much off the €1M milestone, and all for selling computer games to a hugely diverse market with an abundance of keen potential buyers.

Save The Children

G2A are far from  a money-obsessed greedy corporation. In fact, they have an ongoing project to raise $500,000 (USD) for Save The Children. Save The Children is a charity that aims to decrease morality rates in children in third-world countries and it’s thanks to famous YouTubers like PewDiePie, SivHD, Ocelot and Dendi that they have long passed this monumental benchmark and continue to raise money to help countries torn apart by natural disasters through their program.

Gaming for good is a Twitch-like platform in which gamers can stream their gaming in a bid to raise donations for Save The Children. Already, the gaming charity has raised a very impressive $22m (USD) and continue their extraordinary work to this day.

G2A Social Media

The team is highly passionate about gaming and provides high importance to public relations and customer services. There are social media accounts of on all the main Social Media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. By following G2A on these social media accounts, you will stay updated on the latest deals and discounts, ones you would just not want to miss out on.

Following them on Twitter and Instagram will not only let you in on their sweet deals but will also give you tons of cool information on the new upcoming games that will hit the market and lots of related gaming stuff.

G2A Gift Cards

With a whole plethora of holidays mixed in with the countless birthdays we have to buy presents for in the modern day world it’s always good to have that go-to place and is exactly that. We all know gamers in our lives and a gift card is the perfect answer to that last-minute gift crisis we oft find ourselves subject too. If you go out and buy a game for a friend or loved one it is very easy to either buy either a game they have already bought, a game someone else has bought them for the same reason, a game they have already played or a game they just don’t like. Gifting a G2A gift card eradicates all the aforementioned predicaments and leaves your friend (or loved one) with a freedom of choice.  In effect, you’re gifting something the recipient is guaranteed to like as he/she effectively chooses it for themselves.